Friday, October 24, 2008

Leo's Club Trip to Teresita Pines

I'm the co-advisor for a new club on campus this year and we had our first big shindig last weekend. It's called Leo's Club and it's a part of Lion's club International. We went up to Teresita Pines, and helped clean up and maintain the campsite to get it ready for campers. Thad and the boys went along (maybe a mistake?) but I think that it was a good experience (it's just hard to camp with little boys!) They provided yummy food and a cabin (with 10 sets of bunk beds that we got all to ourselves) but that was enough to drive this set of parents bonkers. I passed out with Nathan before Thad ended up taking Sammy driving to see the stars and wear him out until they finally returned and then Sammy had to try out every bed but eventually fell asleep. Nathan decided to wake up at 5:45 am and what do you do when you're all in the same room? I took him outside when he began to scream and scream and scream and so we played up by the dining hall until we were both frozen and we went back to the cabin. Anyway...the cleaning up was fun and I know that Sammy loved it but I'm not sure that Thad or I did.

Here are some pictures...
Sammy playing in the dirt...his job was to get the rocks off the paths.
Here are some of the kids working on one of the areas by the pool.Here is a cute pic of Sammy on the way home... :)
And one of Nathan even though he was a stinker during the trip and has a dirty, snotty face here!

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