Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A quick trip to Disneyland (instead of doing what I needed to do...)

:) So instead of grading we went to Disneyland with the boys. We have been wanting to go for weeks but things kept coming up and Thad and I snuck out on Friday without the boys but that was a disaster (Disneyland was bursting at the seams, the parking was awful at the structure and in Downtown Disney so we had to park in some back parking lot and I think we finally left after going on two rides!) So, today we went after the boys got up from naps. We went on the new Monorail (the red one) that they often don't have running because it gets too hot, the Jungle Cruise, the Carousel, Some flying high spaceship ride and then Buzz Lightyear's ride. I didn't know that they took pictures but Thad saw the kiosk and emailed it to us (for free). Thad and Nate's didn't turn out :( we'll have to go again. Today was a lot of fun. It wasn't crowded, the weather was great, and the boys behaved well! :)

I'll try to post more pictures if my computer will read them, it keeps saying please insert disc. Oh well. But without any further ado, here is our picture (not posed-I look that dorky naturally). I thought about photoshopping it so that you wouldn't see how badly I scored but I need to leave for work. Oh well. ;)

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