Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cabrillo Beach Tide Pools

Thaddeus had a class assignment to visit the Cabrillo Beach Tide Pools and had to go on a Guided Tour so that is what we did this afternoon. We picked up cousin Jared and headed to San Pedro towards the beach. We got there a bit late but just in time to walk out to the tide pools! The kids had a blast and Jared tried to touch every green sea anemone that he could. We even saw a sea hare, a few star fish, and a sea urchin. Thad kept Nate on his shoulders the whole time (that is a hard task!) and I tried to keep Jared and Sammy from slipping and falling in. When the tide was getting a little too close for comfort we walked back and went into the mini aquarium that they have there--the kids loved that too! Here are a few pics, like always, and many more can be found on SmugMug!

Here is Sammy enjoying the tide pools...
...and Jared touching one of the many sea anemones!

Here's a picture of my boys...

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Dan and Cat said...

Thanks for taking our mini marine biologist! He talked the entire way home, listing all of the animals he had touched. You made his year complete! :) Thanks again!

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