Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving (#2) :)

Last week when the Keens and Becky were in town we had Turkey Day #1 with the Marcroft Clan (Someone else took pics but I don't have any yet, sorry!) On Thursday we had Turkey Day #2 at the Driggs. Yum!

We got there early to put Nate down, so that Thad could play in the annual Turkey Bowl and I could help my mom cook. After the first round of cooking Cath and I walked with the kids to the park to meet the boys (Danny and Thad) at the game. They were done playing but the kids played at the park. When we were done Sammy wanted me to carry him instead of ride his bike home so I opted to drive home with Thad.

We were lazy; we cooked some family favorites (Aunt Anne's fruit salad, Waldorf salad, and the infamous Soda Cracker pie) but Marie Callender's did the rest. While the kids slept played a game and rested and then eventually ate once all the kiddos were up from their naps. I and it was a good day (and tasted delicious!) :)
I'm grateful for all that we have and especially for FAMILY! Enjoy the pics...the rest are at SmugMug (thanks Cathy for taking and uploading them!)
Dad, Mike, and Mom
The Fong Clan (minus a sleeping Lucas)
and then Luke woke up....
and finally, part of the clean up crew :)

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Dan and Cat said...

We had a great time spending the day with your family! :)

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