Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween was a new, and a little more tiring, experience for us. This was the first year that Sammy, I mean, Buzz Lightyear, knew what was going on. There are a few funny stories about Sammy from before Halloween. I knew that Nathan was going to be a pumpkin since I had a costume from when Sammy was that age, so I decided that Sammy could be a ghost and it would go with the theme so I started prepping him to be a ghost, and that he could say boo, etc.

A short time later I decided that since he loves Buzz Lightyear so much that I could probably get him a Buzz costume and that he'd be super excited to be him for Halloween. I got one used and then we asked him what he wanted to be. He quickly responded, "a ghost". Then we asked if he could be anything that he wanted to be, maybe even something/someone that flies, who would he be, and again, without missing a beat he said, "a bat. That's scary!" LOL. I dropped it and didn't ask anymore questions but you should have seen his face when the Buzz Lightyear costume arrived. He was sooooo excited! He immediately put it on and was in heaven! He loved the stripes on the wings (he always mentions those and has been known to put stripes on imaginary wings for people), and immediately came up with functions for the pretend buttons on the front of his costume. One made him go frontwards, one made him go backwards and the third one made him spin around. We even sat down to watch a little bit of Toy Story 2 and he said with amazement, "that's me!"

Nathan was still going to be a pumpkin until I started my hunt for the perfect (and decently priced) Buzz costume. I went to the disney store online and found that it was on clearance but not in his size (bummer) but that is when I noticed a Mary Poppins costume and a little penguin and before long I had decided that I would be Mary Poppins for a few years and that Nate could be my penguin this year. (It was also on clearance and then I had coupons for 15% off and $5 shipping!) Thad approved and I sent my order off to cyberspace with delivery guaranteed before Halloween (and it arrived with 2 days to go and I got the Buzz costume off eBay for $24 shipped too!)

Man...that is all pre-halloween stuff. :) I guess that is where most of the cute stories are...

Halloween came, and it was a trying and traumatic day. The boys got up late and their schedules were off from the very beginning. Nate's naps were late, and Sammy screamed and told us that he didn't want to take a nap, or be Buzz Lightyear, or go trick-or-treating (even though it was mostly just the nap thing). Eventually they both passed out, and slept until we got them up to get dressed. While they were asleep I carved the pumpkins from our garden by myself :(. We did a trunk-or-treat at the church which was fun and then came home to go around the block. It was fun, definitely more tiring (having to carry my penguin who didn't want to keep walking--he wanted to play on the steps of each house) and then my Buzz Lightyear got tired too and we still had the whole block to walk back up! Phew! Luckily Jennielee and Emily Paskett were with me and I took turns with Jennielee holding the kids. What a night! Mommy, I mean, I was definitely glad that it was a Friday and that I didn't have to work the next day!
This is a picture with Thad's grandma...Sammy loves his Great Grandma Marcroft! More pics at SmugMug!

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Trimbles said...

How cute all of you!!!! :) I cant wait until next year! I know they wont have a clue, but still, I get to dress them up!

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