Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vroom, vroom and boom, boom!

I hadn't been off-roading since those good ol' days in SE Texas when we'd go muddin' and 4-wheelin' with friends from church. The Pasketts invited us and we decided to go with them for the day and we had a blast. We will definitely be doing this again! We played all day and then when it was almost time for bed we threw them in the car and went home. They fell asleep easily (after playing hard all day) and slept well (staying in a tent or in the trailor wouldn't have been as fun or successful I think), but here are some pics. The rest are here at Smugmug.

First things first--we headed out on the quads! Sammy rode with Thad! It was fun (well, I did get stuck and had to be rescued since I hit a rock and almost went down the side of the mountain--thank goodness for brakes) but I would do it again!
Here is Thad rescuing me (well, he and I carefully switched places)Then we went on the other side of the freeway to a place where they allow you to shoot at targets (not people)...I was a bit scared at first but I knew that Thad really wanted me to at least try it, so I did...
Sammy "helped" Daddy a few times...
...but mostly he played with Teresa!
After a while I got the hang of it and even hit a bunch of stuff! I still can't believe that I held a gun, and shot it, and even enjoyed it!
And here are Thad and Ed trying to hit their targets...and Thad, a lefty, finally was taught correctly how to shoot and was hitting targets left and right (use your dominant hand and dominant EYE!)
and these were our targets...lots of bottles, mattresses, cups and things to shoot at!

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