Saturday, November 22, 2008

Girl's Night Out -- Twilight!

Cathy and her book club gals were going to see Twilight last night and they invited me! It was fun to get out but I really wondered how the movie would be since I enjoyed the book so much. There are so many books that I love that have been awful movies or just stray so far from the book that they're hard to watch!

When I first looked at Stephanie Meyer's website when they announced the actors/actresses I couldn't imagine "Cedric Diggory" as Edward or Bella looking like she did...but about 15 minutes into the movie I got comfy with them (well, all of them except for Jasper--he just looked freaky the whole time--I don't know why they made him look like that?! I know that he is a new vampire but he looked like a ravenous wolf on some kind of drug!)

All in all I enjoyed the movie. Some parts were definitely cheesy, some parts were definitely DIFFERENT than the book, but I was able to leave the theater happy.


The Edwards Family said...

I left the theater happy too!

<-- Me! said...

I thought Jasper looking that way was amazing. It def. added a great element, perfect acting!

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