Monday, July 6, 2009

The Kids' first "real" 4th of July

Happy Birthday America!

:) We had a pretty calm day and tried to put the kids down for naps a little later than normal so that they would survive the festivities this year. Last year Sammy was so tired he was crying by the time it was dark and Nathan was so little he just screamed because he was scared and confused by all of the noise so we didn't even really do fireworks!

This year we picked up a few ($30 doesn't go too far at a fireworks stand here!) since we hadn't been invited anywhere and called up Great grandma to see if we could do them at her house! She was ecstatic and we packed up the boys, called Thad's siblings and headed to Great Grandma Marcroft's house. Luckily for us his cousin Laura lives on the street and she brought over her fireworks too (which were way cooler than ours!) and Aunt Becky and Laura's son Mitchell took turns lighting them. The boys loved all of them (especially the sparklers since we wouldn't let them touch anything but those and the snapper things that you throw at the ground--and Nate wasn't didn't have much luck with those!)
When it got late we headed home but then Thad's sister Adrian, and boyfriend Eric, called and wanted to stop by since they still had fireworks. So we said, c'mon down! The boys were excited to see Aunt Addie and Eric had gotten some cool fireworks so the pryos Thad and Eric had some fun lighting as many as they could at one time with Thad's mapp gas torch. (We had tried matches earlier but after 6 matches on one lonely sparkler we decided that a torch would be safer!) It was waaaaaaay too late when we got the boys down but they had a blast and it was our best 4th of July yet! :)

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wackywilsons said...

Looks like so much fun! Post pics of that belly por favor~

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