Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Little Jaunt Down to Oceanside!

With Thad's crazy work hours and my parents vacationing in Oceanside with two extra bedrooms I decided to take the boys and head South! We could have driven but for $12 we can ride the Metrolink train from Norwalk all the way to Oceanside and it drops us off at the corner from the condo. I love it because I don't have to deal with traffic or driving (or trying to get snacks or dropped toys etc while driving) and the boys love everything about the train! We left Monday after naps and it took us about 90 minutes. We got on and it was really crowded but even as I stood there trying to figure out where to sit with my two boys people saw me and shuffled around and said, here, take these three seats together! :) Phew! Thank goodness for nice people! We sat by a nice UCLA student who played with the boys until she got off in Tustin! The boys were really good on the train (well for the most part--Nate struggled at the end but we survived) We got there just in time for dinner with Grandma, Grandpa, the Fongs and the Repettis and then the Fongs and the Repettis had to get back on the road for home.

We woke up in the morning and packed lunches (or maybe a brunch?) and went to try to see the train pass by but didn't have any luck so we went to the playground at the beach. I hadn't packed swim clothing so we didn't go in the water but they had a blast on the slides and swings!

Later on in the day after naps we headed back out with the Repettis (they live in Vista and are pretty close to Oceanside) to the San Diego County Fair (at Del Mar) and had some fun there! We saw racing pigs (they raced for Oreo cookies), monster truck racing, the petting zoo, tons of pigs, cattle, goats, and sheep, and even walked around the booths a bit. It was a fun night.

On Wednesday when I put Nate down for his nap Grandma stayed home with him and then Sammy, Grandpa and I headed to the outlet mall for a Thomas Playday thing and then stopped by Costco for groceries and to look at the laptops for Grandpa (his is dying!) Sammy had fun playing with all of the neat play sets that they had and loved all of the samples at Costco (who doesn't?!) He chomped down a trout (?) or seafood burger that I refused to sample...maybe I should buy some of those--fish is supposed to be really good for you, I just can't stand it!

Later on (after naps...don't we just live our lives around nap schedules!?) we asked the boys if they wanted to walk down to the beach or just swim in the pool and Sammy said, "I want to swim in the 'big boy' pool". I didn't fight that--much easier on me--I didn't have to worry about waves stealing him or looking like a beached whale in front of as many people ;). We swam and even had root beer floats! It was fun! We the kids cleaned up by sticking them in the giant jacuzzi tub and then rested a bit, fixed dinner and then back to bed again!

I woke the kids up early to take the 6:41 train from Oceanside (okay, I woke Sammy up--Nate's been on this 5:50 - 6 am waking up time lately with it being so light out! :( ) and arrived back to good ol' Norwalk a little after 8! Daddy, I mean Thad, was happy to see us and hear about our adventures! It was a good little trip!
If you're crazy enough and want to see more pictures, head on over to Smugmug!

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