Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One more month...

Summer has been crazy, well anything can be crazy with two little boys, and it's getting quite hot here in Southern California but we've been spoiled with our cool May and June! I'm surviving the stay-at-home status (although some days are better than others) but do get quite a few stares as I'm out and about chasing two little boys who are definitely faster than me, the waddler, and then the question, "is this one a girl?" And then I smile and say, nope, boy number three will be here in August!

Sammy is getting really excited about his new brother (I am not sure how Nathan will react) but this week he noticed how big mommy's tummy is getting. He has lots of questions about when he was born and loves hearing those stories and often pretends (with a blanket) to be "coming out of mommy's tummy"--he thinks your tummy just kind of breaks open and the baby comes out and who am I to tell him any differently?! ;)

This week Sammy noticed that my tummy was getting bigger. He asked, "Is the baby ready to come out yet?" and when I answered, "No, not yet," he responded with an exasperated sigh, "oohhhhh, it's so hard to be three!"

I'm still trying to find my home (after 9 months of neglect), declutter (we still have some boxes from moving that get brought over from time to time), and get organized before boy #3 arrives. I've had lots of help from my mom and from my good friend (and visiting teacher) Yolanda who brings her boys over to play with Sam and Nate and we get some work done! We have made lots of progress and I hope that we get lots more done! The clock is ticking...my due date is August 20th but who knows when he'll make his appearance? Oh, and we don't have a name yet--we want to see him and hold him first! You'll know when we do....

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Kathryn said...

Too cute on the hard to be 3 thing. I just got told that while I was reading it and it was because she couldn't get her game to work right.
Love that Sammy thinks your tummy will just open up and the baby will come out. Though if he says that around my girls they'd tell him he was right and Laura would probably make me show him the scar from where she came out of. LOL!

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