Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My beloved "shrimp" - I couldn't live without you!

A Haiku for my favorite pillow...
Oh my faithful shrimp
What relief you bring to me
You're a perfect fit!

Pillows are unique for everyone (even the kind that you put under your head, right?!) During my first pregnancy (I'm now 8 months into my third pregnancy) I found this pillow at Babies R Us. I love that it's not as hard as some of the pillows (like the normal hard-as-a-rock Boppy--it has some give) and I like that! When the pain is so bad that I need to lay down for 5 or 10 minutes and at night I use it between my knees and it relieves the back, hip, and other lovely pains that I have. It's not one that I like under my belly, but then again, I don't like anything under my belly when I'm on my side. It's been abused, as you can see, and has any number of stains but that doesn't decrease it's efficiency! That said I could not be without this! I have have used it three pregnancies and after to feed my baby with and to lay him on. My little shrimp shaped pillow is a faithful friend!

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