Monday, November 5, 2007

Here goes nothing..

I have both kids (Sammy-24 mos. & Nathan-1 month) down, which is a miracle in itself, and have been inspired by my little sister's recent addition to her life, a blog. Enough is enough--it's time to start a family blog! I had one friend recently who, after receiving an email announcing Nathan's birth, told me that she didn't even know that we were expecting--a blog would have fixed that! We have been SmugMugging it for three years now, but I guess it would be fun to have my random thoughts accompany our pictures?! Will people actually read my blabbing and run on sentences? Maybe it will just be the same people who know me and still somehow love me ;) Anyway, I am happy to begin this...and invite you to check in when you feel like knowing more about me and the boys. :)

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