Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another tooth and a crafty(ish) mom!

Sammy_losttooth_April7,2012Sammy fell the other day and his already loose tooth got even looser. Then at McDonald’s he came over with a bloody mouth and with a little twist from Sarah M. the once dangling front tooth was finally out (I say finally since it has been loose for a while and he’s had kind of a silly smile as it “floated” back and forth in his mouth!)

Here is his picture right after losing it! Thanks Sarah for snapping it since my camera was with Thad on a scout trip!

We stopped at Redbox for a movie (we made popcorn and had smoothies after dinner for a movie night since Daddy was gone). They had ToothFairy 2 which was cheesy but it was only $1.26, you can’t beat that!

IMG_0658That night I was officially in spring break mode and thought, hey, why not make a little tooth out of felt for him to put it in! I had felt leftover from the boys’ baseball banners and and I made one in under ten minutes and I think it turned out cute! :) Too bad the baby was super fussy and that I passed out after putting him down and somehow the tooth fairy forgot to stop by. We realized in the morning that the tooth fairy wanted Daddy to see the tooth before she took it that is why she didn’t come while he was on his scout outing. PHEW! Anyway…I just cut the shape out and stitched a simple stitch around the edge by hand making a little pocket. The next day I added the S and made one for each of the boys! Hooray for me!



Cathy said...

That's impressive, Allie! I'm so amazed by your talents!!

Jen Kesler said...

super cute!

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