Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family Time on a furlough day!

It’s Spring break and time to catch up on cleaning, blog posts and lots of time to play (pics and posts later!) As I was pulling pictures off I realized hoe behind I am! Here goes the first post! :)

March 26th was a furlough day and it was a great mini stay-cation day. It made me really excited for spring break! Here are some of the things we did that made it fun for us!

We live really close to the train tracks and so sometimes (if we’re ready to go) if we hear the trains (especially if they’re switching) we’ll jump in the car or grab the stroller(s) and race around the corner to see the trains! The boys have always loved this and often go train chasing with Thad while I’m at school! This time was especially fun since Thad and Sammy have been riding their bikes more and they rode to the trains and then an additional 5 miles! Go Sammy boy! :)

Here are some pictures from our walk!



The boys and I walked around our neighborhood until they got back from their ride and then we ate at Costco. It is the cheapest place to feed our family (when we’re not at home and Mommy cooks). Hot dogs and pizza…yum! Daddy spoiled us with churros too!


And later that same day we tried out a kite that I got for $1.26! The wind wasn’t the greatest that day but the boys loved it! Daddy got it to go way up high!


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