Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

We started out the day going to church after I made some bunny shaped cinnamon rolls (from a can). We had two kids with fevers so we split the duty (I went to Sacrament and then missed Sunday school and went home so that Thad could hit the tail end of Sunday school and be there for Priesthood) so we didn’t get a nice family picture—we will have to do that another day! It was a nice meeting though and it is always good to be at church!

The Fongs and Repettis organized an egg hunt so Nathan and Sammy and I went over there after naps while Daddy stayed with the sickly ones. We hid tons of eggs and the kids had a great time with their cousins. Grandma and Grandpa are cruising up the coast so they missed out on the fun this year!

After the egg hunt we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Marcroft's house for Easter dinner with the cousins and an egg hunt in the back. We had delicious ham dinner and enjoyed our time with Aunt Addie, Uncle Eric and the Badalamentis!

Enjoy the pictures…

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