Thursday, April 12, 2012

Going Birdy–Angry Bird Madness Continues

Sammy who eats, breathes and dreams about Angry Birds was window shopping for Angry Birds items…the backpack was about $70 (ouch!) so I said that we could make them out of felt and glue or sew them onto t-shirts or bags. (The model to the right is younger brother Danny who liked the green bird that Nathan picked out.)

We tried to get felt at a few places around here but finally had to head to Joann Fabrics in Cypress and we’ve made two items so far! I even made patterns in case there are other moms out there with too much time on their hands.

Sammy didn’t like it at first and was concerned that it was in pieces but was very happy with the result. He told me, “wow Mom. You’re really good at gluing! There are some Moms that aren’t so good at gluing but they’re great at sewing so it’s okay.” LOL.

IMG_0451Get the patterns here!  Patterns for felt or other fabric if you want to make your own Angry Bird gear (t-shirts, backpacks, etc!)  PDF file includes: Black Bird, Green Bird, Yellow Bird, Red Bird, King Pig
And one more thing just for fun. Sammy loves telling stories and had me write this one down last night. I thought I’d type it in here since it is my journal too.

Ice Angry Bird by Sammy

The Angry Birds like Angry Birds Space. The Ice Bird said, “We have to work together.”

The black bird said, “Of course! We have to work together!”

The ice bird was fearless and the pigs were still in their space ships flying to the Planet Freeze Brrr. The Ice Bird loved it there—that is where the Ice Bird was born. The pigs were hungry. The Ice Bird said, “We can’t quit!”

And then the Mighty Eagle wiped out the last level of Planet Freeze Brrr. And they went back to Earth with their eggs and the Ice Bird said, “See you next time in Space, Angry Birds.”

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SusieQ said...

Oh my goodness that is SO cute & creative! What a good idea!

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