Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nathan: Transitional Kindergarten :)

TheBoys_November2012_ 070I had a picture or two of Nathan and I wanted to share (and document it for myself here since this is the only journal I am currently using!)

He’s doing well and loving school! He has told me that he loves school, he loves homework, and that he loves Mrs. MacInnis (his teacher!)

He seems to be doing well (still a bit wiggly in class but trying hard) but making leaps and bounds in letter writing, drawing and math!

This is one of my favorite pictures:

TheBoys_November2012_ 002It shows what he is currently doing when he writes/draws. He isn’t sure what hand is best to use so he goes back and forth. Some letters with one hand, some with the other. Coloring some things with the left and then others with the right. Sometimes it is the proximity to the crayon or place that he wants to write/color and sometimes it is because the other hand is busy. Sammy is jealous that he can write with either hand (for now). His teacher assures me that he’ll pick a hand when it is time!

All in all I think that it was good placement for him! I’m glad that the school offers this class and that it will be a great starting place for his education! :)

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