Sunday, November 25, 2012

Benjamin–Age 1

IMG_0741Doesn’t it seem like it was just a few months ago when I was really pregnant and then he arrived? Well, it’s been a year and he turned one this past week (and yes, I’m just now getting around to it!) :)

Here are some things about him (as this is my official journaling entry) that I’d like to remember:

  • He has a great smile and smiles a lot but it is super hard to get him to laugh or giggle. He’ll hold his breath and stifle it and you might get a giggle or two out if you’re lucky!
  • He loves to eat. His favorite foods are bananas, pears, spaghetti and he still loves the baby food pureed veggies and oatmeal!
  • He is quite stubborn and will throw a fit when he doesn’t get his way or if you take something away from him (that he shouldn’t have!) :(
  • He is quite tall (off the charts like his brothers) and is almost tall enough to go on some of the rides with height requirements with Disneyland! He is long-waisted though (like his mom) so the shirts are too short and the pants are too long! :)
  • He is the “favorite” brother right now and can bring a smile to a grumpy, tired Danny, a hurt Nathan or a pouty Sammy in an instant!
  • Sammy says, “I think it’s cute when he walks!” He’s walking all over the place and doesn’t want to be held or stopped now that he has found freedom! He can turn around and get up and start walking without holding on to anything too.
  • If he likes you he’ll try to slap at your face (ouch!) because he’s so excited!
  • He’s a mama’s boy but if mom’s not around he’s happy with Daddy…
  • …but he ADORES his grandmas and will leap out of mom’s arms into either of his grandmas but comes back when he’s hungry (he definitely knows the source of food!)
  • He loves to sit on the ground next to Mom/Grandma and crawl on, around, by and then leap forward into my/her arms just for fun. He also loves to toss balls back and forth.
  • We affectionately call him Benny, Ben, Ben-Ben, Benjamin and sometimes the kids will call him Benji. We love nicknames!
  • We’re glad that you’re in our family Benjamin!
  • IMG_0711

p.s. He loved eating cake but we knew that he would!  


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