Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sammy the “Scout”

Scouts_PointMagu_Nov16-17_2012_ 001The church doesn’t officially start their scouting program until age 8 when they enter cub scouts as wolves (they skip being Tigers) and we’ve wondered if we should put Sam into cub scouts in an outside troop. We haven’t done so but this last weekend Thad decided to bring him along on his scout outing to Point Magu in Malibu. Sam was ecstatic and jumped at the chance to go with Daddy.

Eight scouts went on the trip plus Sam and three leaders. On the way up they ate at Tommy’s and Sam enjoyed his first chili burger and chili fries! That night they set up camp and played with the fire. I found out from Thad that a few of the scouts got soaked because they forgot to put on their tent fly leaving them totally exposed during the night—ahh!  Oh, and another forgot to zip the front after going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and yes, another soaked tent!

Scouts_PointMagu_Nov16-17_2012_ 033In the morning Sam got up at 6:30 am (despite going to bed at 10:30pm), threw on his shoes and immediately started playing. Before breakfast he walked to the beach with Thaddeus and Kevin (a leader) and played in the water by himself. After that they went back and had yummy breakfast burritos, in Sam’s words “we had yummy tortillas with eggs and bacon inside of them!” About 10:30am they hiked two miles in the rain. Later the scouts played football in the sand at the beach while Sam played in the sand and caught sand crabs with Steven; he even tried to feed sand crabs to the seagulls.

Overall Sammy said that he had a great time! He can’t wait for Daddy to drag him along again! :)

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