Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Samism: All mushy inside…

TheBoys_November2012_ 056We had just left Disney’s CA Adventure and were heading over to Disneyland for the last hour to see all of the Christmas lights. We were walking down Main Street and it was so beautiful. We had just passed a huge Douglas Fir with tons of ornaments and Sam and I were holding hands and walking and looking up at the lights, bells and beautiful decorations above us. Me, being the crying type, started to get teary eyed and Sammy quickly noticed.

Sam: Mom?
Me: I’m okay, I just love all of this; the sights and sounds of Christmas make me happy.
Sam: Oh, you mean you like the decorations and the horse poop?
Me: <Trying not to die of laughter> Yes Sam, the decorations and the horse poop make me so happy!

Oh to be a little boy.

Disneyland11-14-12 (722x1024)

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