Monday, November 26, 2007

Sammy's Thankful for...

So this past week while we've been saying prayers (either blessing the food or getting ready for bed) Sam has started to interject things. The first day he added Shane, Troy, and Sarah, some days it is just Troy, but today he added in some of his favorite letters (W, F, E, H, L, D, B, A, O to name a few), oh and Grandma and Grandpa, trains, and baby too. It's fun that he's finally getting it and adding in what is important to him! Hopefully one day he'll say Mommy and Daddy too! :)

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Trimbles said...

Hey All, so Im really quit amazed you've decided to go back to work with two babies!!! Well, your babies are cute, I get a kick out of reading your posts. :) Im glad you're surviving. Besos.

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