Monday, May 26, 2008

A long, restful, full of work and wonderful weekend!

What a weekend! WOW! I am so happy, rested, and so excited to see my kids tomorrow! It has been great to have a few days to myself to get all of the things that usually get neglected done!! I did a zillion loads of laundry and still have a few more for tonight and most of them folded and put away! I cleaned out the cars, weeded and tended to my garden, cleaned my room, cleaned Sammy and Nathan's room and sorted and cleaned up the toys and put them into storage bins that Sammy can easily get out and clean up, sorted and put all of the 0-3 month and 3-6 month, and 18 month -2T clothes into storage bins, moved all of the "non-construction" (aka family junk) stuff off of the kitchen and living room so that Thad can put the new floor down...oh, and Saturday I helped my mom clean up to get ready for my Aunt and Uncle to come, and took them to the airport at 4 am on Sunday morning! Phew. It was wonderful to be able to get so much done without having to worry about nap time or feeding/taking care of someone else, and especially being able to sleep through the night and not get up till 7 or 8 am! Woo hoo! This weekend was definitely a blessing and a recharge for me. :)

p.s. Thad survived and even had fun with the kids in Utah!
p.p.s. Cathy still is pregnant but ready and willing to get it out anytime. It will be fun to see what she has...we still don't know what she's having!


Jen Kesler said...

So glad that you were able to accomplish so much...that is always a great feeling!!

Cassie said...

I think it is hilarious that now that I am a mom sleeping in is 7 or 8 AM! Also I think I have had a "long" shower and it has only been 5 minutes.

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