Friday, May 30, 2008

Prom Pics From 1996 to 2008!

Thad and I went to the prom a week or two ago and had a blast dressing up, seeing my students, and just enjoying the atmosphere and a doing a little dancing. If we were in high school I'd be cutting these pictures out, writing things like "BFFs forever" or "have a great summer" on the back of them. Either way...I thought that this would be fun. I found our prom picture from 1996 in the top of my dresser drawer and scanned it in...the hair's a bit crazy but oh well! Enjoy!


Jen Kesler said...

Flashback! I was just looking at the copy (of the h.s. prom photo) that I have a few weeks ago! Too fun! Glad that the kids and babysitter were okay after getting locked out!!

carrfamily4 said...

Ok, MAJOR Flashback! You know I think i have that pic buried somewhere too. I can't believe that I was at that prom with you guys!


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