Monday, May 19, 2008

The Original Marcroft Clan

Our nephew Brett was blessed in church yesterday so the whole Marcroft clan (minus a few Utahers-sorry Jana and kids!) hung out at Grandma/Grandpa's house. We took a few pics of the kids for fun! :) Enjoy...(L-R) Chris, Becky, Brett, Sarah, William, Troy, Shane, Adrian, Sammy, Me, Nathan, Thad, Grandma, Grandpa!
(L-R) Chris, Becky, Grandma, Grandpa, Sarah, Thad, Adrian

(L-R) Brett, Sarah, Troy, Shane, Sammy, me ;) and Nathanael

And finally, our own little family :)


wackywilsons said...

You have a beautiful great that you can have such fun get togethers and cherish those reunions!

Your babies are adorable...I am so glad they are both healthy and happy

Jen Kesler said...

Fun stuff! I love all the photos!

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