Monday, January 26, 2009

My Primary Boy Sammy

Sammy started going to Sunbeams this month (and has been REALLY well behaved as far as the teachers say) and participates, answers questions and even said the closing prayer on Sunday! He's getting so big. I wanted to get a picture of him on Sunday but oh well, maybe another day.

One of my favorite things is that he's starting to sing lots of songs in the car. I usually don't turn the radio on so that we can sing or talk or whatever the kids would like to do. He started singing some from time to time when he was in nursery but they're getting more clear and it is just fun. I recorded him in the car the other day and I thought if you were his auntie or grandma you might like it! :)

Right after this one he gave me a rap/chanting rendition of I am a Child of God which turned into a medley with I lived in Heaven a long time was, to say the least, exciting? I don't know if any one is crazy enough to watch two of him singing but if you are... here you go! :)

He's getting so big so quickly!!


lisa_l said...

That. is. so. CUTE!!!

The Edwards Family said...

Too cute! I love when Luke sings primary songs too.

Jen Kesler said...

Darling!!! The second one is my fave!

Melinda said...

Marissa (my daughter) LOVED Sammy's song! she was singing along with him and I think also shocked that someone besides her knows I am a Child of God! haha! :)

hope you have a great week!

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