Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2008

Christmas Eve we went to Thad's Grandma's house and did the traditional taco soup, fudge, Christmas Story and Christmas Carols with the extended Marcroft Family. I always enjoy this and it reminds us of the real reason for Christmas. I especially love the songs that we get to sing! Christmas songs are so fun. Sammy requested Jingle Bells and juts loved it!!

Thad and I had already wrapped all of the presents during naptime earlier in the day so we went to bed early after picking up a little in the front room. Santa Claus came during the night and left a few nice gifts for the boys.

When they woke up they were really excited. Sammy finally understood who Santa was and about presents and stuff. Nathan was in the "I could care less for these wrapped boxes" mode but was much more excited when he saw what was inside. They got trains, lightsabers, and a horn/bell for their bikes. Nathan got a little bike (since I broke Sammy's old little guy bike and Nate's always trying to ride everyone elses bikes). We got Sammy a new Batman helmet and passed his teddy bear helmet down to Nate. They were both super excited to get on their bikes. We played a little and then went to Grandma's and Grandpa Marcroft's House for Christmas breakfast. We had French Toast with all the fixings and opened gifts.

Then it was time for naps and we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Driggs' house to put the boys down and help with Christmas dinner. After naps and cooking we ate and then opened presents once again! What a long day. It was fun to be with family but I was sure ready to get to bed by the end of it all! Merry (late) Christmas to all!!

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