Saturday, January 3, 2009

Float Decorating for the Rose Parade

Early, early in the morning on December 27, the CHS Leo's Club and I headed down to Pasadena to work on the Lion's Club float. We left about 7 am after everyone showed up. It was freeeeeezing and we had to wait outside in the cold till they let us in about 1/2 hour later at about 8 am. We got inside and it was a little warmer but not warm because it would mess up the floats. We spent the first 3 hours cutting dried flowers from the stems, blending them (in a blender to make them into a powder) and then we got to paste them onto the float (which is a lot harder than it looks). It was fun, well, once we got past the flower cutting stage. :) We stayed until about 4 pm. My favorite part was the lettering that I got to do even though we had to leave before I could finish. Oh well.

Here is what the float was supposed to look like done...
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