Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Chatterbox Nate!

A quick update on our other big boy! Nathan is a huge 15 month old and has finally gone from 6 teeth to almost 8 this past week (woo hoo! The first 6 he got during one month when he was 9 months old.) He is also starting to say more and more. I have been meaning to jot down his words for the sake of remembering them but he keeps saying more everyday!

Here are some...
Dad and Da-da
Pa-pa, and Hi Pa-pa (he said this right after Daddy and has been saying this since he was like 9 or 10 months)
Ma ma (this month he finally started associating this with me); he also says this for grandma and I think that he said it for grandma before MOMMY! Oh well. He's still quite a momma's boy.
These words are really clear: Ap-ple, Ap-ple Juice, Crac-ker, Coo-kie, thanks/thank-you (sometimes), car, up , op-en, this one, that, I-did-it!
Bah bah - brother/Sammy; it can also double for bottle although there is a slight difference in pronunciation that I don't know how to type :)
Choo - Choo and All 'bord - Train/All aboard (hmm, can you tell who he plays with? Sammy didn't say this for a long time!)
Duh - duck; said while jumping kind of like a duck waddles/walks?

He's growing up soooo quickly! Boy does time fly! :)


Dan and Cat said...

He is getting so big! I'm glad that we have a place to document and remember all the fun things they do each day! We love you, Nate!

Jenny said...

Nice job! Tyler still isn't talking at all. If things don't change, speech therapy here we come

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