Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Day 2009 - Hike to Mt. Lowe

Thaddeus' dad has always been interested in Mt Lowe (I believe since he was a teenager) and in Thaddeus S. C. Lowe (hence Thad's name!) Thaddeus Lowe was an American Civil War aeronaut, scientist and inventor. He moved to Pasadena and began Mt Lowe Railway into the hills of Altadena and even built a hotel at the top. It's not there anymore (fire and time have destroyed it) but they have preserved a lot of it. Thad's dad is actually a volunteer that helps with the preservation efforts.

It's a tradition that we go up on New Year's day on a little hike and to enjoy breakfast with all of the rangers, families, and friends. It is a fun little hike (under a mile since we drive halfway up with his Dad) and it's a beautiful view. The weather was great this year, the food was yummy, and the boys had a blast! They both love dirt and the mountains so it was a good mix of food, family, and fun!

I love this picture of Nate and I although I think that it definitely shows my age and wrinkles that I didn't even realize were so noticeable. I guess I really am 30 ;) !

A Marcroft Family Pic... too bad the lighting is icky! :)

Sammy loved the signs with the pictures of the trains that used to go up the mountain!
I love this boy-- boogers and all!

Sammy wanted to carry the backpack too-luckily Nate wasn't in it!
Nate and Sammy really loved all of the dirt and trees. Sammy actually ripped his pants on this tree right about here!

Sarah and Bill and one of their boys...

Here are my boys looking at some of the old train pieces...

Okay...this is the last pic! There are too many good ones. If you want to see all of the go to Smugmug... I thought that this one of Sammy on some of the old railroad ties was too cute to not post!

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Jenny said...

That is one crazy pack on your back. Girl, you are crazy...

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