Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Fun 2010

I can’t believe how fast this year is going! Easter already? Wow! We had fun dying eggs with cousins one day, and then another day with friends. The boys had a blast.

Saturday was the first day of conference and we dressed the boys up and headed to the chapel. They were great actually (for being 7 months, 2.5 and almost 4.5!) I really enjoyed the am session and we started a new tradition of going to eat frozen yogurt after conference that I am excited to keep up! The boys really enjoyed it! I didn’t have my camera for that :( but here is an attempt at a picture after the Sunday morning session. We took a picture with our friend Hyemi! :)

NewCameraMarch2010_Easter2010_ 051

Here are some pictures from the rest of our crazy Easter! Sunday morning Sarah and William invited us over for breakfast before conference (yum!) and we were able to play a little…

After conference and naps we headed to the Driggs and did an Easter Egg hunt with the cousins. All in all it was a good day. Busy, but good. (There are LOTS of pictures so make sure that you click below to see all of them!)

p.s. I had fun with our simple Easter baskets and eggs at home. I hid about two dozen eggs around the living room and had the baskets sitting on the table. In the morning they got up and started playing (eggs all around them) and they didn’t notice anything. Eventually Nate found one egg, they sat down and shared the four gummy bears inside of it and then continued playing. Nathan even grabbed the egg shaped sidewalk chalk that was RIGHT in front of the baskets and kept playing. About ten minutes later they found another egg and shared its contents and then the light went on for Sammy and he started searching for eggs. They’re so silly! (I love the pictures of them playing because you can see the eggs in the background and they are still oblivious to them!)

I guess that I should include our attempt at a family picture too! Trying to get us all to smile and look at the same time is quite difficult! Phew!


And just us! Happy Easter!



Trimbles said...

So why did u go to the church to watch conference? We don't have the byu channel we just watch it on the net.

Allison said...

Just starting traditions...we find at home that we get too distracted with too many things. We watched a bit on Saturday (2nd session) and Sunday was too crazy with Easter dinner and stuff. I think we'll keep going to the church for the am sessions though. It was good to get the boys up, dressed and head there to listen to the prophet! And the ice cream after Saturday morning is my favorite new tradition!

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