Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break Fun 2010

Spring break, spring break, where have you gone?! I had so many good intentions and so many plans to catch up. I was going to get a whole bunch of grading done (I did a few hours but not enough), I was going to de-clutter and clean my house (ha! I got started but with daily avalanches named Nathan and Sammy I didn’t get far enough) I was going to do laundry (I started that and just put the first two loads away), I was going to clean out the backyard of weeds and start my garden (again, started that), and I was going to play with my kids…

The one thing that I did do was play with my boys. Here are pictures from our stay-at-home play with Mom and Dad fun week! I think that they had fun and even though my house is still a disaster, my grading isn’t done and my laundry is still dirty it was all worth it.

One day it was nice and windy so we did bubbles (I cheated and bought a bubble gun for $4) and kites! I found a kite for $1 at Wal-mart and so I wasn’t devastated when they broke it the next day but it was fun while it lasted…

Another day we loaded up the boys and the bread that I got on clearance and headed to Heritage, or as the boys call it, the duck park. We fed the ducks, even got to see two sets of little ducklings, and of course played on the toys.

I picked up some clearance PJs at Target one day while getting out of the house with the boys (they all love the footed pajamas still) and was excited to find them in all three of the boys sizes so I dressed them up and got a picture of my triplets. We also let the boys bathe with Danny once…it gets a little crowded in there but they loved it!

Yet another day we had a fun birthday party with Cousin Lizzie who is turning 5 and played all afternoon with the kids at the park.

Another morning when I realized that I couldn’t get my backyard ready to have a big garden (plus we’re still trying to redo it) we went to Lowe’s and picked up pots and plants and when the little boys took naps Sammy and Daddy helped me plant strawberries, zucchini, yellow squash, Japanese cucumber and a tomato plant. Later that day we also made jam!

NewCameraApril2010_SpringBreak2010_ 191And today to finish it off we went to Heritage Park (Santa Fe Springs) to see/climb on the trains, birds and to walk the beautiful grounds there.

And then after naps to top off a great week we went to the  $2 movie theater in La Mirada and saw Tooth Fairy with the boys. It was pretty cute and you can’t beat the whole family seeing it for $8! Sammy was a bit grumpy that he didn’t get to “play more” after the movie but I think that we had a great week! Maybe I need another week to recover…ha!

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