Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Nightly Treat - muahahaha!

NewCameraApril2010_SpringBreak2010_ 047bSome may call us pigs but after a day with three crazy boys sometimes you need some comfort food and for us (especially lately) it’s been delicious salted popcorn (thanks to a long standing “made on the stove with hot oil”  Driggs family tradition that I learned from my Dad) and chocolate malts (made with Carnation Malted milk, vanilla ice cream and milk; topped with whipped cream and mini chocolate chips). Mmm….and if you’re ever at our house after the boys are in bed we might just share with you. You’ll just have to promise not to let them in on our little secret!


Melinda said...

i am soooo coming over! haha

Diane {} said...

sounds like a great snack to me!

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