Thursday, April 8, 2010

Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific

We went to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific one afternoon last week because they had a special and teachers got in free so I only had to pay for parking and to get Sammy in (the others are still free). I went with my mom (teacher - free!) and Cathy and Danny (free, free!) and their kids (not free!) and we had a blast! I wish that Thad would have been able to go to but it was kind of at the last minute and he had to work. NewCameraMarch2010_LBAquarium_3-30-10_ 119

The highlights: They had a really neat lorikeet exhibit (even though they would dive bomb us from time to time) and the kids really liked being up close with the birds and feeding them nectar that we had purchased.

NewCameraMarch2010_LBAquarium_3-30-10_ 086They also had a place where you could touch sea anemones, sea stars, sea slugs and other little creatures, and another place where you could touch little tiger sharks, fish and sting rays. The big kids loved it! Nathan was very worried and kept trying to pull all of us back telling us, "don't touch it!"

NewCameraMarch2010_LBAquarium_3-30-10_ 133

I also loved the jellyfish (although I didn't get many pictures inside--it was too dark!) It was a fun afternoon and the boys really loved it! We'll have to go back again another day! Enjoy the pictures!


Diane {} said...

I love the long beach aquarium. I think the mayo company puts both names just to confuse us all :)Thanks so much for stopping by!

Sean M. Cox said...

They occasionally have offered a discount for Boeing employees. (Free admission for the employee and a guest.)

I've been surprised how little interest Ephraim has had in touching things. Still, he loves to see the creatures, and they have some great variety. The giant sea bass are just amazing.

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