Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mt. SAC Munchkin Run

NewCameraApril2010_MtSacMunchkinRun_ 009 My friend and colleague Jason emailed me about this fun run for the little guys at Mt. San Antonio College. I thought that it looked like fun so I signed the boys up and called my sister Cathy to see if she wanted to take her kids since Jared (especially) is really into running and races! She and Danny signed the kids up, my mom agreed to take the two youngest, and we drove up this morning for the event. Thad was going to go with us but then got called as Webelos leader and had a pack campout last night!

When we registered the kids got t-shirts and bibs with numbers on them and then they had two races: one for the 2-8 year olds and one for 9-12 year olds. NewCameraApril2010_MtSacMunchkinRun_ 087

Sammy, Jared and Liz were really excited about it and Nathan seemed excited until we went out onto the track. Then he started telling me “no   race” and then everyone was pushing to get up by the line and it just got worse and then the gunshot and he was crying! He cried the whole way around (I dragged him running the first 1/3 of the lap and then carried him and jogged the rest of the way).

The other kids did really well. Lizzie left Jared and Sammy in the dust, Jared came next and then Sammy, but they all ran very well and kept running the whole 400 meters (one lap). I was very proud of all three!

NewCameraApril2010_MtSacMunchkinRun_ 071  NewCameraApril2010_MtSacMunchkinRun_ 071  NewCameraApril2010_MtSacMunchkinRun_ 078 

After finishing they each got a medal and a free In-N-Out hamburger coupon! They loved getting medals (all except for Nate—he just screamed louder!)

After the race we watched a few of the high school races and then headed home. Sammy said, “Mom, when I’m 10 can I race again?” LOL. I think that he had a lot of fun and wants to do it again next year—I won’t make him wait until he’s 10!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like a ton of fun! All the kids look so cute running!

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