Monday, June 2, 2008

What I wish I would have known before tonight...

So, Thad talked me into a dinner and a movie tonight with our friends, the Pasketts. I say he "talked" me into it because I always stress out about the kids getting fed, bathed, and going to bed on time but I said okay. We saw Indiana Jones (which was fun) and then went out to a fancy restaurant after. I avoided calling in to check on the Jenny, the babysitter, because I didn't want to see overly worried or make her think that I was checking up on her (she's taken the kids lots of times during the day and once or twice at night). We pulled up at 9:30 tonight and I was astounded, worried, frustrated and shocked to see Jenny and the kids outside playing (well, I thought that they were playing). We jumped out of the car to find out that they'd been locked out for about 2-3 hours! Somehow the door got locked (or it didn't get unlocked before they went outside--I've been locked out before because you don't have to unlock it to open it) and the cell phone that I had left her to call if she needed something was inside! That said I'm glad that Nathan was up from his late afternoon nap and not locked inside screaming for 2 hours!!! So, they were all a bit cold, but safe, and when Thad unlocked the door Sammy told Jenny, "look, door open!" as if they'd only been locked out 5 minutes. Then he told me, "I want milk please. I go night-night!" We quickly changed them into their PJs grabbed their milks and put them in bed. Sigh.

Lessons learned:
-Show the babysitter where the spare key is
-Tell the babysitter which neighbors are safe to ask for help if needed
-Tell the babysitter to put the cell phone in her pocket ;)

I am truly grateful that everyone is okay and that Jenny was able to stay calm and keep the kids happy. Nathan was really cold and had a hard time going to sleep (he was way overtired) but Sammy was out like a light after a few good stories and made-up songs. What a night!

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