Saturday, November 17, 2007


Thad took Sammy to his two year appointment last month and we found out something we didn't know (ha)-- that Sam is a big kid! He's 35 lbs and 39 inches tall (off the chart and taller than most 3 year olds). The doctor also asked if Sammy knew at least 20 words, and that got me thinking, geez, I haven't been writing down the cute way that he says things (even though I bought a little notebook to stick in my purse so that I would have it with me ALL of the time so that I could write it down when he said new words-lol) So today I'm going to try to list all of his words, and if I can figure it out, how they sound so that we'll have this later for Sam when he wants to look back at it...

So, I was going to do all the words he knew, but he knows so many now and is learning a so many more each day that I'm just going to put down some of his and my favorites...

A Dictionary of some of my words/phrases at 24 months (by Sam, written by Mom)
-Where are you _____? (One of his first phrases...he used to go to the back door at my mom's and say, "birrr (birds), where are you?
-Up high!! = Look at that way up there...or wow, I'm up high, or help me, I want to go up there!
-"All Aboard" or "All Aboard choo choo train!"
-Uh oh... + tie shoe, or baby way (awake), or fall, or uh-oh poo-poo! and then "Stee-key" (Stinky)!
-Splash = Splash (when he's in the bathtub), and doubles for spill when he spills anything else, used with the previous word I come running with a towel, "Uh, oh! Splash!"
-Down! = Sit down by me (now!)
-'mere = Come here (and if you don't respond he'll come and grab your hand and drag you to where he wants you)
-Peeese and Tay-Too (he is very polite and remembers to say Thank you when he's playing with toys or wearing clothes that he got from various people)
-"Bless+ name" = bless you -- He picked up this one on his own and I couldn't believe it when he said "bless mommy" after I sneezed! Go Sam!
-Pa-pa and Ma-ma = Grandma and Grandpa (and anyone who looks old enough to be a grandma/grandpa)
-Baby Nay-nan = Baby Nathan
-Mauw = Cat
-Neigh = Horse
-Deep Grumbling Noise = Vacuum (or any other loud machine)
-Aunt Beppy = Aunt Becky
-"bah-perd"- backward(s), he likes to say this as he's walking backwards...
-ice, cookie, cracker, ketchup (which he likes putting on everything this week, even his broccoli-yuck!), muhmuh - mustard, waf-waf=waffle/pancake, oh-meal=oatmeal, pahp-porn=popcorn, pop=lollipop
-choo choo track, clickety-clack, "ding-ding-ding-ding" and various other train noises...
-"Turn, turn, turn"- to turn off or on (He used to say "PaPa turn turn" when we were at church talking about the chandeliers in the chapel)
-Fasss! Fasss! = Fast! Often accompanied by really fast arms going back and forth...
-Greeeen, go! (Said two or three times or more if we're stopped for a minute in the car)
-Fly = butterfly or fly
+ many more things!!! :)

Also, here are some of the cute things that I do (again written by Mommy)...
- say hi to everything (especially buses, trains, ambulances, fire engines, grandmas and grandpas)
- "tickles" you to wake you up if you try to sleep when he's awake (LOL)
- Used to grab Grandpa Driggs' toes to make Grandpa squeal
- *I'll add some more as I think of be's midnight!

My Favorite Songs:
-Itsy bitsy spider
- Wheels on the Bus (when he was 18 months or so, I had to sing this all of the time!)
-Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
-Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree (his favorite right now!)

My Recent Milestones (this week)
-I used to count things but I would only count to three...this week I surprised Mom by counting first to five, then seven, and then to nine by myself while I was playing with my toys.
-I can sing most of the alphabet by myself (not perfect sounding but I can get through the song) and I can identify about half of the letters by name, and say most of their sounds (phonics).
* When we were out running errands I heard a "wa wa wa" and then "U" (he has trouble saying W) and I looked up and we were passing Weinerschnitzel and the Big W...he has been identifying lots of letters in signs... it's fun!

Okay...enough of my I can feel better, at least I have this stuff written down! :)


Jen Kesler said...

Yep! He's big! Kyle just had his 3 year and he is 34lbs. and 38" tall. People always tell me that he's really tall. Now I can tell them...check out Sammy, now that's tall!

Lisa_L said...

I think Sammy's going to be taller than me by the time he's in 1st grade! I loved reading about the things he says and does! He's actually pretty close to some of the Kindergarteners I work with! Go Sammy!

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