Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Up High"

So, I was in the bedroom working on stuff when I thought to myself, "Hey, I haven't heard Sam in a few minutes, I wonder what he's up to..." I immediately checked the front door (he's figured out how to unlock and open that) but it was closed, phew, but then saw the back door open. We are dog sitting for my parents while they are on a cruise to Hawaii and I left the back door open for Millie..no worries I thought. The gates are closed he's probably just playing in the dirt. Thad and I went out to check on him and then I almost screamed--he (as you can see in the pics) was on the top of the ladder that was propped up for Thad to do some work on the roof. He wasn't scared, he just smiled, or smirked, and said "up high, yea". After saying a quick thank you in my head to that still small voice who reminded me to look for Sammy I ran and got the camera while Thad watched him. He screamed when Thad made him come down--he wanted to play more. Sigh. It will be nice when our construction is all done and we can have a nice play area in the back (although I think that Sam will miss the dirt & piles & fun, dirty boy stuff!)


Carolyn said...

Oh my goodness! What a crazy boy he is. I am glad you got their before something bad happened to my nephew - and I am glad that you grabbed your camera! I need to get better at catching all of the crazy/unplanned moments in life.

Thanks for sharing!

Jen Kesler said...

Too funny! Some how this does not surprise me...Thad was always up for an adventure...It must be in the genes!

Ezra said...

You should have given him the hammer and some roofing nails!!!


I love the pictures and blog.

Jason said...

Ever read Calvin and Hobbes? Reminds me fo the time Calvin was on the roof trying to be a pterodactyle so he could fly. Phew!

Your kid is awesome.

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