Sunday, July 31, 2011

CA Science Center

My friend Amy planned a day to the Science Center in Exposition Park for our old presidency (me, Andrea, Rachael and her) and I’m glad that she did! I hadn’t been here in a while and definitely not been since I’ve had kids! It is free to get in but it does cost $10 to park (oh, and take the carpool exit to 39th off the 110 and turn left it shoots you straight into the museum!) :)

It was a little crazy at times chasing 14 kids through the museum but we did it (with a little help from Samantha, Anabel and the older kids) but they all had a great time. If you haven’t been there in a while it is worth the trip. They had an aquarium section, a building section, a play house section (and various play areas even some for really little guys), and more! It is very nice inside and they’re adding items from the Air and Space museum—they’ve even been chosen to host the Space Shuttle Endeavor! Enjoy the pictures!

It was hit right off the bat since it had a huge jet next to the parking lot and Sammy told me in awe, “this is better than the zoo!”

CAScienceMuseum_July2011_ 004

Our helpers Anabel and Samantha!

CAScienceMuseum_July2011_ 041  Amy and one of her two kids, Quincy

CAScienceMuseum_July2011_ 036

Andrea and two of her four kids, Abigail and Alex

CAScienceMuseum_July2011_ 048

Sammy and Zach one of Rachael’s five!

CAScienceMuseum_July2011_ 098

Nathan and Cady (another one of Rachael’s). He tortured, I mean played with, Kady and Addy a lot. They are really good with him! CAScienceMuseum_July2011_ 114

Here we are…me and my three boys (for now!) They weren’t too happy about leaving but it was after 2 pm and waaaay past the baby’s nap time!

CAScienceMuseum_July2011_ 141

You can find a few more of my favorite pictures in the album below or head to Smugmug to see them all!

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Grace Tolman said...

great photos Ali. The kids saw the photos too and they were reminded of our visit there a couple of years ago.
It's also great to see photos of Andrea and her kids. Wow how they've all grown. All those babies that I left, are no longer babies.
How's Rachel's little girl BTW. It looks like she's doing well. Did her surgery for her hip go well?
Give my regards to everyone.

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