Monday, July 25, 2011

Swim Lessons

SwimLessons_7-21-11_ 2011-07-21 001On the previous post I talked about Splash and how we love it…but how we found out about Splash was actually through swim lessons. I tried to get Sammy signed up for swim lessons in Cerritos but couldn’t so I started looking around…found them in La Mirada and signed him up! That is when we found out about Buccaneer Bay and Splash! Their facility there is really nice and the people and teachers are fantastic as well! :)

This year Nathan was old enough as well and got to sign up for swim lessons with Sammy! They were very excited! Sammy is getting really brave (but this was his third summer of swim lessons) and is learning to swim a bit on his own but Nathan was a little afraid but showed great improvement as well. Here are a few pictures from their last day which Rose, their teacher, made a fun play day for them!

Here they are playing freeze tag with their friends. Fun game…or maybe this was red light green light…who knows! They were enjoying it! :)

SwimLessons_7-21-11_ 2011-07-21 013

3…2…1…blast off!

SwimLessons_7-21-11_ 2011-07-21 054
And of course if Sammy got a rocket launch Nate needed one as well!

SwimLessons_7-21-11_ 2011-07-21 052

It is hard to tell here since he has a life vest on but he got really good at floating on his back and likes to float when we’re at Splash! He is getting better at swimming with his eyes under the water as well!

SwimLessons_7-21-11_ 2011-07-21 024 
Here they are at the end with their new friends Isabella and Jacob!

SwimLessons_7-21-11_ 2011-07-21 071 
Danny wanted to jump in too…he was always a bit sad to have to stay out of the pool!

SwimLessons_7-21-11_ 2011-07-21 036

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