Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Frontier Summer Baseball League

Sammy played T-ball this year and had fun so when Frontier offered a little summer league (2x a week for 1 hour each) for little guys and for T-ball age we jumped at the chance (plus for $30 we got a t-shirt and an embroidered hat too!) We went this week and I am glad that we signed up. The best part is that they have their best coaches that are helping out and teaching them the fundamentals. They are really good with the kids!

They have a “sandlot” age group for 3-4 and Nathan was soooo excited about being able to play and not have to just watch (poor Danny still has to watch)!

Boys_SummerBaseball2011_ 2011-07-19 012

Nathan already seems to be getting the hang of it and is hitting well off of the tee and hustling a lot!!! (You can see the blurry ball if you look hard!)

Boys_SummerBaseball2011_ 2011-07-19 017

And Sammy signed up for the T-ball and I think that it will be good for him!  He seemed pretty happy as well!

Boys_SummerBaseball2011_ 2011-07-19 030

And he’s getting better at fielding too!

Boys_SummerBaseball2011_ 2011-07-19 050  Poor Danny just has to wait for now…

Boys_SummerBaseball2011_ 2011-07-19 065

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