Monday, July 18, 2011

Carnival Fun with the boys

Carnival_July2011_ 2011-07-14 117I wish that I had a video that showed the boys once we got out of the parking lot and to the carnival in Norwalk this past week. They were like kids in a giant candy store with huge smiles (I know that isn’t hard to imagine with our boys) and were so excited that it was cute!

We had never taken them to a carnival before (once to the OC Fair but the rides are too expensive there so they never had gotten to ride a real fair ride!) Thursday night it was only 50 cents per ride and so we thought we could actually afford it! :)

Here are the pictures from the Ferris Wheel (Nate’s first choice!) Sammy was unsure about it but once he found out that Mom and Dad were going he was okay. All three of them enjoyed it!

      Carnival_July2011_ 2011-07-14 028        Carnival_July2011_ 2011-07-14 036

They also had a fun little bouncy car ride that even Danny could ride! :)

Carnival_July2011_ 2011-07-14 049They also had a potato sack slippery slide that they loved!Carnival_July2011_ 2011-07-14 042

They also had swings! (The pictures of them up high didn’t turn out since we forgot to change the ISO on the camera! Oops!)

Carnival_July2011_ 2011-07-14 063  

And a cute little kid rollercoaster (the kids are in the back car!)

Carnival_July2011_ 2011-07-14 113

They even went on one of those super fast spinning rides. Sammy told me, “Mom! They had a magnet in there that made my hands stuck!” So we taught him a little more about gravity and centrifugal force since he happened to be the experiment!

Carnival_July2011_ 2011-07-14 135 
At about 6:45 we had to leave since I had training for my new calling at church (1st counselor in the stake primary presidency—it’s been quite fun so far!) so Thaddeus and the boys dropped me off at the stake center and then went back to spend their last five tickets…this is where it got exciting.

When Sam and Nate had one ticket left each Nathan disappeared (luckily it is a small area in front of the civic center) and Thad was looking everywhere for him. He checked all of the rides for kids and didn’t see him. Sammy ran off and tried to get on a faster roller coaster that he was too short for. Thad chastised him for running off and he said, “but Dad look, Nathan’s on that ride already!” Ahh! Nate, who was about 8 inches too short and if he had been tall enough was supposed to be accompanied by an adult had been let on the ride. The guy working the front didn’t speak English and so didn’t understand Thad trying to tell him that the little boy that he let on was too short. Thad didn’t have a ticket so he couldn’t get on and so finally Thad sent Sammy on to be with Nathan. Well, they didn’t die or fall off of it and they both had a blast. When I walked in from my meeting Nate ran up and said, “I went on the super fast roller coaster” and I said, “that’s great sweetie” not yet having heard the real story. I’m glad that nothing happened and a little excited for Disneyland (if we ever get passes again) since Nathan will be tall enough and brave enough for a bunch more rides! Too bad Thad left the camera in the car when he went back with the boys or we’d have proof of the last ride…I hope that next year they have another deal like this because we had a blast! :)

To see more pictures click on the album below:

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