Thursday, July 28, 2011

Santa Ana Zoo

We headed out for some Driggs family fun organized by Grandma! We picked up Grandma (Grandpa was driving the neighbors to the airport) and met the Fongs at the Santa Ana Zoo yesterday. It was a perfectly cool morning and a great day at the zoo. It is a small zoo but perfect length for our younger kids. Sammy’s only regret is that there weren’t more snakes (we only found one big boa constrictor)! Danny loved the monkeys and Nathan loved the train (luckily Grandma spoiled us all and paid for the train tickets since Mommy said no because it was $3 per person!) Enjoy the pictures!

Sammy and Nathan with their cousins Lizzie and Lucas (Jared was in DC with Grandma Fong!)

SantaAnaZoo_July2011_ 2011-07-27 006

:) This one makes me think of Toy Story 2 where the Barbie is driving…Liz is always ready with a smile for her crazy picture taking Auntie Allie! :)

SantaAnaZoo_July2011_ 2011-07-27 009

Danny spotted the poison dart frogs!

SantaAnaZoo_July2011_ 2011-07-27 012   

The boys watching the beautiful Macaws.

SantaAnaZoo_July2011_ 2011-07-27 035

Danny dragged Grandma to every single monkey exhibit. If she tried to skip one he pulled her back!

SantaAnaZoo_July2011_ 2011-07-27 053 Sammy demonstrating how he would do a cannonball into the lake where the ducks where…he quickly changed his mind when Uncle Danny told him there were sharks there too (a little fib). When Sammy quickly questioned why they didn’t eat the ducks he told Sammy the sharks choke on the feathers. He accepted that and cannonballed himself onto the floor—ouch!

SantaAnaZoo_July2011_ 2011-07-27 067Walking with Grandma (sorry for cutting your head off Mom!)

SantaAnaZoo_July2011_ 2011-07-27 062

On the train!SantaAnaZoo_July2011_ 2011-07-27 085And finally…a group picture!

SantaAnaZoo_July2011_ 2011-07-27 097

If you want to see more pictures check all of them out on Smugmug or a few of my favorites in the album below!

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