Friday, July 29, 2011

Fire Station #30 with the Scouts

I have wanted to go to a fire station with the boys but never got around to it so when Thad mentioned that he was taking the Scouts on Wednesday I asked if we could tag along and I’m sure glad that we did.

The scouts were so shy at first but the little guys were so excited they couldn’t hold it in. Eventually the scouts got into it and William and Adam trying on the super heavy gear. They got a tour around the fire house and got to ask any question that they wanted. They got to climb in the fire trucks as well and had a blast! I was so impressed by these firefighters—they were so good with all of the boys (ages 1-14). It was a great night! Here are a few pictures!

Here is the outside of the station. It is a beautiful building!

Scouts_FireStation30_July2011_ 2011-07-27 001

Here are Sam and Nate by one of the fire engines. They also had fun sitting up in the engine pretending to drive as well!

Scouts_FireStation30_July2011_ 2011-07-27 009Here’s William all dressed up and trying to go up a ladder…he didn’t make it very far. They said the equipment weighs about 100 pounds…I don’t know if William is much past that! Scouts_FireStation30_July2011_ 2011-07-27 048 Here is Adam all dressed up!

Scouts_FireStation30_July2011_ 2011-07-27 071  Here they are trying on helmets. Sam kept his on for at least thirty minutes!

Scouts_FireStation30_July2011_ 2011-07-27 083 The captain even got balls out for the little ones while the big boys sked questions! Andrea and Abigail were there too! :)

Scouts_FireStation30_July2011_ 2011-07-27 054

Here is the group in front of the quint. It is named that way since it has five uses. Captain Bauer is in front with the boys!

Scouts_FireStation30_July2011_ 2011-07-27 101

The rest of the pictures can be found on Smugmug or a few more of my favorites are in the album below:

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