Saturday, July 23, 2011

One of our favorite summer activities: Splash had a deal about two weeks back and you could get a four pack of tickets to Splash, our favorite mini water park, in La Mirada for $27. A bunch of our friends from church (Malabickys, Railes, and the Ta’agas) went so we grabbed our passes and joined them! I didn’t have my camera but our friend Sarah had hers and got a few pictures of the boys!

The boys and I love to go here at least once or twice a week! Sometimes Thad isn’t busy and he’ll go with us and sometimes Amy and Lincoln will meet us, but most of the time we venture out solitos (alone). It’s a bit crazy with three small kids but it is small enough that they can’t get too far and they do a good job at staying close to me (phew!)

Here are a few pictures (thanks again Sarah—I stole them off her FB page!)

Sammy and Katelyn are262939_240314352656724_100000344843002_833144_6607266_n over 48 inches so they had special bands to be able to go on the big waterslides and be able to swim without a life vest. They were rarely seen without the other one. Sammy actually went on the green slide yesterday (it goes in the dark for a while) which is a big step up from the super slow yellow slide! He told me today, “I’m never going on that yellow slide again! The green one was so awesome…you were in the dark and then the light surprised you!”

188237_240315109323315_100000344843002_833157_6059639_n Nathan loved(loves) jumping off the side and did it a bunch with the other three year olds there! He also loves the mini slides (and would love to go on the big slides too but isn’t allowed to yet because of his height). He also loves the lazy river and does really well as long as I’m close by him and there aren’t any inner tubes nearby!

272334_240314865990006_100000344843002_833153_7537947_oDanny is getting so big and so independent. In the Lazy River he rarely lets Thad or I hold on to him and prefers floating solo. He loves to jump in as well but wants to hold our hands still (phew).



We had a fun day and hope to have many more fun days at Splash this summer! Email us if you want to join us!!! We’d love to go with you!


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