Friday, June 27, 2008

Barton Flats - Our Last Camping Trip?

I'll preface this with Thad's words as we were leaving the camp today, "Tell the mountains goodbye because you won't be seeing them until you're a Scout!"

It was, well, a good trip, besides that Sammy refused to go to sleep last night, and refused to nap today, and woke Nathan more than once after we got him to sleep, I had to sleep on the ground without a pillow (Sammy stole mine and my sleeping bag too and I couldn't get to his stuff without waking Nathan who had woke up in the middle of the night wet and freezing). After that lovely night Thad was so frustrated with my non-camping attitude (everything kept going wrong--I do well with routines with my kids and there was no routine, no planning, no schedule--I don't know what to do?!) But all in all we survived. We'll have to figure out a way to make it work because the Marcroft Family goes to Barton Flats Campground in the San Bernardino Mountains every June!

Here are some pictures and a little about our adventure! More pictures can also be found here at SmugMug!

Sammy loved everything about being in the mountains. He loved the noises, sounds, smells, and especially the dirt, rocks, sticks, and other "treasures" as he called them. This was his triangle that he was playing for us. :)
I decided to let Nathan crawl around in the dirt...until he started taking handfuls of dirt and trying to eat them! ;)
Sammy obviously was having a blast at the lake. This is him posing for a picture for Grandma!

Here Thad and Sammy are out on this big log looking at the fish and the ducks!
Believe it or not, I was there too. Here is proof. I might need it down the road!
Here is big brother Sammy pushing the stroller--he didn't even run into anything! Woo hoo!

By the time we left it didn't take long for Nathan to pass out and Sammy waved a bit at the mountain and the animals before he passed out. When we got home 1 1/2 hrs later he stayed asleep until I woke him up another 1 1/2 hours later...we wore them out!


Jen Kesler said...

You should go read my "Reflections on Camping" post that I made a week or two ago! I'm right there with ya Sista! I like it, but with little ones in a tent it's soooooooo hard!

The PM said...

So we took the 3 kids camping about 2 months ago. Natalie and Bren were just find, but Amanda was like a fish out of water. Oh well...Scouts will come soon enough!

Ezra and Lisa

Eric and Alison said...

I cannot believe that you went camping at Barton Flats!! I grew up camping there and going to Jenks lake to play in the water!! We also stay at San Gorgonio too....we have been taking the boys there since Nik was a baby and they looooove it!! So many sticks, so many critters, and so much dirt to play in!!!
How fun!

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