Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do you ever just want to cry?!

We're dogsitting at my mom's and so we have been living here and have way toooo many clothes here. So I washed and then folded them all up but there isn't room for all of them here and I haven't taken them back over to our house! I'm not a screamer so when I came home from work today and saw all of my lovely once folded laundry ALL OVER the place I wanted to cry! I could just blame this on my husband but it wasn't his allowing (doing would mean that he did it but he didn't do it or even sit back passively as it happened). We had a babysitter here so that Thad could work on the house and she's great with the kids but the house is often thrashed afterwards (thanks to SAMMY!!!) Sigh. I guess that I should be folding those and putting them away instead of blogging but I wanted someone to commiserate with me! Or wait, do your husbands do all of the laundry, fold it, and then put it away?! HA! :) Oh well... (the picture on the left is what is left of the "stacks" on the bed and on the right is what got thrown on the floor! Boo hoo hoo!)


Jenny said...

That stinks! I am lucky to get laundry folded once, let alone twice. Best of luck!

Jen Kesler said...

Laundry STINKS...even when it's clean!! Ha, ha!

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