Monday, June 23, 2008

A Quick Kid Update! :)

Sammy... is still growing like a weed (when we go to the park he's as big as the four year olds-lol!) and talking up a storm. He has come up with some pretty silly things lately! He loves to play with Thomas (and any other trains) and is always on the look out when we're driving for "ding-dings" (Railroad crossings) and hoping to see "choo-choo trains". The other day he finally "said" a prayer before lunch by himself. I was still fixing Nathan's lunch when I looked over because I heard him talking--I saw him head bowed and mumbling something then I heard "Carrie, Cathy, Jared, Amen!" :) Fun! He's obsessed with Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and probably would watch "just a little bit" (his words) all day long if he could! He also loves playing in the dirt and helping me in the garden (especially eating the cucumbers and strawberries). He keeps asking me if the tomatoes are "ready yet"?

Nathan... is crawling all over the place (about two weeks now?) and is able to get to almost anything by pulling up and sometimes even walking along the furniture! He also tries standing up by himself and looks more like a cat as he arches his back and stands on his toes! It's cute! It's been a little over two months since his surgery to remove his fused saggital suture and his head looks better everyday! He says da-da-da and sometimes even dad (with a strong d) when he sees Thad! His smile attracts everyone too him and it's fun shopping with him and seeing all of the people stop to talk to my smiley boys.

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