Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What makes me happy... ;)

So everytime that I go to Ralph's (our local supermarket) while browsing and racking my brain of what fruit is on sale, how many gallons of milk we should buy, what meat is on sale, how many bananas to grab, and trying to think of whatever else I need to make food for the week I stop and longingly look at this tugboat. It looks like so much fun. My mom has a tugboat and the kids love it. I always try to just keep walking by but today I stopped to look more closely at it. I still have $100 left over from Sammy's shower that I keep in a special place in my purse that I dip into every once in a while to buy something that I really want (for the kids of course!) so I just had to buy it--it was $15 and a bit of a splurge but I am so excited! It's so cute and I can't wait to get it open and let the kids splash around with it! It totally made my day. I used to only get this giddy about a new pair of shoes! Weird how things change eh?!


Eric and Alison said...

Oh my gosh, when I saw that you got this bath toy, I totally laughed out loud, because I got this for Makenzy and she totally loooooooves it, and my boys will even play with it from time to time!! So you know it will last you a long time! Good purchase Ally!!

starstruck_texan said...

That's so funny... I have been looking at that same little boat, you'll have to let me know how the kiddos do with it.

Allison said...

Okay! The verdict is in! The kids love it...I like that it floats and drains water! It can hook on the spout and holds and dries out the toys. Sammy adores it and (he's 2 1/2) and Nathan is having fun with it too (mostly trying to eat it right now).

I think that it's a hit and a great purchase!! :)

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