Friday, June 13, 2008

Look at these plants!

I've been meaning to post pics of my garden but our camera has been out of commission but Frank helped us out and took some pics yesterday! Enjoy!
The cantaloupe plants are starting to produce some cantaloupe--not done yet though!! I hope that they're juicy and sweet! These plants are taking over my whole garden! They've grown into the tomatoes and into the strawberries, behind the shed, and anywhere else they can! I will have to get a picture of the "takeover".You can kind of see what I'm talking about here! There should be two feet of dirt between each planter. Can you see how you can only see leaves between the tomatoes on the left and the peppers and cucumbers on the right?!

My Tomato Plants are almost as tall as me and have green tomatoes EVERYWHERE! I can't wait!!!

It's been about 6 weeks since we first planted and took pictures and posted here on the blog!


Kierstyn said...

Hey Allison! I found your blog, and just wanted to say hi. My son, Benjamin had sagittal cranio as well. You can see his blog at...

And another comminality is that I was a teacher before my children were born!


Jason, Alyson, Kaci & Brynley said...

Allison!! How are you? So neat to see your blog, your boys are too cute!! Hope all is going well for you too hear from ya! Take care...

Love, Alyson (Williams) Sherman

check out our family blog:

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