Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why do moms talk about poop?

How many times a day do I talk about poop? Probably too many to count with two kids in diapers and a two year old that is interested in poop, pee, toliets, etc. So then why am I blogging about poop? Because if I were an avid scrapper I'd scrapbook it but I'm so behind that I now blog and this is it! So, Nathan had the biggest blow-out ever and it was so gross I grabbed the camera to document it! I can't figure this kid out. He is either really constipated or really runny. The doctor told us to give him prunes and prune juice daily because he's having so much trouble going to the bathroom but, man! I'm guessing that this was the result of his oatmeal and prune juice breakfast!! It was all the way up to his neck and in his armpit (and his diaper was full of it too!) Enjoy (if you're a mom) if not you might not want to look!


Carolyn said...

SOOOO Gross!! :)

Eric and Alison said...

Don't you just love being a mom during these kind of diaper changes!! Why couldn't he do that when you are at work?! :)

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